Tissue Services

ACS Laboratories offers a wide range of adipose tissue processing services for consumer and commercial purposes. The tissue processing methods are designed to meet your the demands of both clinical application developers and researchers and can seamlessly be integrated into any development project. Leverage our experience and expertise for all your tissue processing needs to accelerate your development and validation of new applications and treatments utilizing adipose tissue and adipose derived regenerative cells.

Adipose Tissue Storage
Adipose Tissue Storage
Storage programs range from 50mL - 600mL for each client. We supply standardized collection materials in each order.
Adult Stem Cell Isolation
Adult Stem Cell Isolation
Adult Stem Cell Isolation and Expansion starts with a minimum of 25mL of adipose tissue. Cell expansion can be ordered for a newly submitted sample or for one or more samples held in storage. Expanded cell samples can be allocated into multiple usable samples of 10 to 200 million cells and stored for multiple applications or treatments.
Product Licensing
ACS offers licensing opportunities to commercial developer’s, cosmetic, regenerative medicine and biologic product developers and manufacturers. The patented cell culture media is specifically suited for licensing as it is the only media patented for clinical and therapeutic applications.
Quality Management System
ACS has developed a complete quality management system in conformity with FDA regulations. The system is designed to monitor the viability and sterility in the manufacturing process and create and maintain all processing data.
SOP Development
ACS Laboratories will assist you with the development of your standard operating procedures for the processing and expansion of Adipose tissue, Stromal Vascular Fraction and Adipose derived Stem Cells or Regenerative Cells.
Standard Operating Procedures
ACS has available for licensing a complete line of Standard Operating Procedures covering all aspects of the laboratory including administration, biologic processing , equipment operation and maintenance, and general operations.