Adipose Tissue Storage

American CryoStem’s Adipose Tissue Storage Platform (ATSP) makes tissue storage affordable through physicians to a wide array of consumers, physicians, and researchers and biotech manufacturers.

Collected adipose tissue from a scheduled harvest, grafting or liposuction procedure is returned to American CryoStem using its existing proprietary tissue collection services. The CELLECTâ„¢ materials box, contains all the materials to perform the tissue collection under aseptic conditions.

When the tissue is received in our clinical laboratory it is gently processed and stored in a proprietary patent pending cryoprotectant. The cryoprotectant is animal product free and made only from materials that are approved by the FDA for human injection. The tissue can be stored in multiple packages in both 25ml and 100ml sizes allowing for maximum flexibility at retrieval.

All stored tissue samples can at any time be processed into its cellular components to create SVF or large quantities of expanded autologous adipose derived stem cells. These autologous stem cells may be used in clinical trials for physical trauma, wound healing and/or the cure or treatment of a life threatening disease.


All tissue collection services utilize the Company’s validated CELLECT™ tissue collection system. All tissue is stored using American CryoStem’s patent pending proprietary animal product free cryoprotectant allowing immediate use of the tissue for cosmetic engraftment procedures upon retrieval.

The ability to use retrieved adipose tissue samples immediately provides the consumer and the surgeon to offer cost effective services in the growing market for layered grafting cosmetic procedures. Layered cosmetic procedures are rapidly becoming the alternative for consumer that wish to avoid the use of prosthetic implants, fillers and devices for post surgical reconstruction.

This adipose tissue service brings tissue grafting expenses into line with artificial fillers by eliminating multiple liposuction harvesting procedures. Multiple grafting procedures can now be performed in a physician’s standard treatment room by using the retrieved pre-thawed tissue upon receipt. The use of stored natural autologous tissue significantly enhances the patient’s experience and satisfaction by eliminating multiple harvest procedures.


Natural Engraftment Sizes

Small Procedure Service: (25mL packages)  The small procedure service is appropriate for fat grafting to the hands, face, or for small defect correction procedures (i.e. biocompatible filler for lumpectomy correction) or can be retrieved from  long term storage for further processing for bio-insurance purposes.

Storage of up to 4 small packages of 25ml of fat each depending upon the initial harvest procedure’s final adipose tissue yield. Each 25ml package can be retrieved individually allowing the surgeon to perform advanced layered graft procedures or multiple procedures from a single tissue harvest or liposuction.  Layered procedures are becoming increasingly popular because of the surgeons ability to incorporate in process corrections and provide a better sculpting results.


The Large Procedure Service: (100mL packages) is appropriate for large or layered procedures of the breast, buttocks and thighs.

Storage of 300ml or more of harvested fat tissue in 100ml packages plus up to four 25ml packages affording planning flexibility in future usage and limiting waste if small procedures or corrections are ultimately desired or necessary. 

Available starting with a minimum of 25mL of newly collected or stored adipose tissue. Patients can affordably take advantage of the benefits by storing their cellular sample today for their future medical needs. Based upon the total volume of tissue submitted or stored, multiple usable samples can be created and stored for use in cosmetic and regenerative medicine procedures. The availability of multiple samples also provides the consumer with the confidence that multiple procedures or treatments can be accomplished without toe further complications and recovery from multiple harvest procedures.

Our laboratory utilizes state of the art equipment and methodologies to ensure the highest clinical standards are upheld. When requested by the patient their adipose tissue (fat) is processed to extract the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) which contains Adult Stem Cells and regenerative cells including white blood cells, endothelial cells, pericytes, fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, and pre-adipocytes. Their cells are tested for viability (ensuring live cells were collected) and sterility (free of contaminants)prior to shipment.


 Available starting with a minimum of 25mL of stored adipose tissue. Patients can opt to have their sample processed to create their own personalized skin care products.

Offered exclusively through Personal Cell Sciences. The U Autologous skin care suite uses the patient’s own adult stem cells to create the world’s first skin care line designed and created especially for each user.

For years, scientists and research have been attempting to synthesize alternatives to human growth factors to stimulate the skin’s natural healing abilities. In healthy youthful skin, growth factors, cytokines and matrix proteins all work synergistically to regenerate and repair damaged skin.

Through a unique combination of cellular research, and our ability to extract and process the body’s stem cells from adipose tissue via a mini-lipo procedure, Personal Cell Sciences has been able to harness the power of these signaling molecules produced by an individual’s stem cells. When combined with additional clinically proven ingredients, the result is an unmatched autologous skin care regimen unique to each individual.