Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC)

ACS Laboratories offers for sale fully tested and contaminant free ADSC samples for research applications. All samples are passage one cells in 2ml vials containing 500,000 cells. Age, sex and harvest site of the donor and secondary (post expansion) biological testing results are included in the certificate of analysis provided with each sample. The Company has over 100 cell lines in inventory from donors 18-80 male and female. If you have any special requests for donor cells specific with parameters (i.e. 60 year old male, abdominal collection, disease free) please contact your laboratory representative.

When used with ACS Laboratories patented clinical ACSellerate SF-M and research ACSelerate LS-M media products, lifespan results have shown three plus population doublings per passage up to 25 population doublings in 8 to 10 passages.